We Believe

Hello Petitioners! 

We’ve not forgotten that over 1000 of you in the extended Marlboro College community felt that a second opinion on the current proposal to merge with Emerson College was warranted. 

Unfortunately, the Board of Trustees appears unmoved by our entreaties. 

We have heard about the changing landscape of higher education.

We are told that there aren’t enough students out there.

We have seen Marlboro try to respond to recent challenges.

We have not seen Marlboro lead, however.

And now we are told that Marlboro cannot survive.

We do not believe that those who have decided to close Marlboro College have presented a convincing case for this drastic action.

We do not agree that Marlboro’s resilience as a self-governing community (institution) has been put to the test by the community itself. 

We share the ability to solve our own problems.

We think clearly, critically and independently.

We reject conformity and conventional thinking.

We demand a different solution for the current crisis.

We will design a better answer.

We Plan.

We invite you to join the movement.


the I Believe team

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