Campus Listed for Sale

The Campus Working Group was convened last fall by the Board of Trustees. It’s charge was to assess what the community wished for the future of campus and to find potential buyers. It would then turn that information over to the Board of Trustees for their decision on the matter.

The Committee consisted of the following people:

  • Co-chair: Dean Nicyper – Board of Trustees
  • Co-chair: Sara Coffey – Alumnae, former Board member, Vermont State Representative
  • Dick Saudek – Board of Trustees Chairman
  • Jenny Ramstetter – Faculty
  • Jesse Kreutzer -Town of Marlboro liaison
  • Nick Katrick- Outdoor Program Director
  • Allison Turner – Faculty
  • Lydia Nuhfer – Student
  • Randy George – Alumna

According to the April 21, 2020 Brattleboro Reformer article Marlboro College Campus Marketed,

“[Randy] George said his group will not be able to release the names of interested parties until they agree to do so. “

” ‘This probably means that they won’t be publicly known until a letter of intent or purchase and sale agreement is signed,’ he said. ‘We have been focusing primarily on trying to find an educational institution (or a partnership between a few different institutions) to take over the campus.’ ” 

” Emerson and the Marlboro College Board of Trustees and administration have allowed the working group to direct the marketing and sales process. George said the group will make a recommendation to the board some time after it meets on Monday. “

” ‘The hope is that by the time Marlboro’s assets transfer to Emerson, the process will be well underway with a buyer for the campus,” he said. “This is both Marlboro and Emerson’s hope.’ “

Proposals were due April 23, 2020.


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