Take Action

By Becca Boyden

Hi friends. I have struggled, and perhaps you have as well, as to what exactly we can do to stop the Emerson Merger and keep Marlboro College here on the Hill. But, there are reasons to believe that it is not too late, so here are some suggestions for what we all can do.

• Write to the Attorney General – ‘Saving Sweet Briar’ knew that the amount of public opposition was definitely a factor in the Virginia AG getting involved. The number of letters does matter. You can see letters sent to the AG at https://ibelieveinmarlborocollege.org/updates/ and on the Save Marlboro College Facebook Group. Write to: Vermont Attorney General’s Office – TJ Donovan, 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05609 – Phone (802) 828-3171 – Email: ago.info@vermont.gov

• Rapid Response to FaceBook posts and the Press – This is straight from the classic political playbook. No action, however small, should go unanswered. You can be an activist and respond with posts and letters. Or, organize a team of responders at mobilizemarlboro.com

• Provide Whistle Blower support for past Acts of Oppression – In summer and fall 2019 the Administration actively squashed in-good-faith efforts by current students to help expand enrollment and keep the College open. There is evidence of this, but the students involved were threatened with various levels of retaliation if they continued to speak up. Would you contribute to a Defense Fund to help bring these Acts of Oppression public? Go to mobilizemarlboro.com

• How about direct outreach to a Trustee? – Trustee support for the Merger runs from luke-warm to enthusiastic. If you have a personal relationship with a member of the current Board of Trustees, reach out to them and let them know you oppose the merger.

• Re-envision a Marlboro for the future. – The effort to save Marlboro College struggles because not everyone has a good imagination for what the future could look like. How is your imagination? Do you have a Vision? Share your ideas about curriculum, staffing, the physical plant, and Marlboro’s role in the new Covid -19 world. Post your ideas on FaceBook, write a letter to the newspaper or join us at mobilizemarlboro.com.


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