Demand Marlboro College Remain in Vermont

With assets of at least $40M, there’s no reason to close the College, let alone to transfer those assets to Boston. 

As things stand now, Marlboro College has entered into a non-binding agreement with Emerson College to gift itself to Emerson College in Boston, including its endowment of $30M and its real estate holdings valued at $10M. The transaction is expected to happen following the conclusion of the 2019/2020 academic year. As part of this deal, some of Marlboro’s tenured and tenure-track faculty will move to Emerson; and some of Marlboro’s current students will transfer to Emerson, obligated to pay (or be covered by Marlboro’s endowment) the higher tuition and living costs at Emerson. All staff will lose their jobs.  

We have heard about the changing landscape of higher education. We are told that there aren’t enough students out there. We have seen the College halfheartedly, at best, respond to all of these recent challenges. However, we have not seen Marlboro lead. And now that very ‘leadership’ is telling us that Marlboro cannot survive.

Those of us committed to Marlboro College, whether we are current students, alumni, current faculty, faculty emeriti, or friends of the College, share the ability to solve our own problems. We think clearly, critically, and independently. We reject conformity and conventional thinking.  

As a result, we have a solution to the current crisis. We have designed a response and a way forward; and count on all of our friends and stakeholders, elected officials and community and business leaders working for Vermont’s economic development and advocates for the broadest provision of tertiary education models that serve the most unique students on the market.  

We ask you to join us to demand that the Board of Trustees terminate the College’s current senior administration; that those members of the Board of Trustees resign who are not committed to keeping a rebooted Marlboro College in Vermont; and that Marlboro form a new Board so that Marlboro will enjoy once again its well-earned space to navigate the current crisis.

We will manage the interest we generate with your signature to pressure Marlboro College, the State of Vermont, and the broader higher education environment to benefit the effort to preserve the most impactful iteration of Marlboro College, founded on and for such profound principles.   

Please join our effort by signing our petition.



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