How do we stop another Vermont college closure?

To prevent closure, contact the Vermont Attorney General to express your opposition. The Attorney General’s office is working remotely due to the pandemic but you can leave a message at (802) 595-3803

Prefer email but don’t have time to write your own letter? Copy and paste the letter below, insert your name and information at the bottom and email it to: 

“Dear Attorney General Donovan, 

I am writing to request that you investigate and stop the unnecessary closure of Marlboro College, sale of the campus to Democracy Builders, and gift of Marlboro College’s assets to Emerson College. 

The proposed program at Emerson College will not replicate the singular form of education combining critical analysis, applied reasoning, artistic exploration, and intellectual rigor in a self-governing community. This place-based learning on a remote mountain hillside where the accountability of small town living and connection to the land play a central role will not transfer to an urban setting.

I believe this plan fails the test of equivalency in the transfer of assets between non-profit organizations. Further, the decision was enacted undemocratically and without transparency, contrary to the commitment to self-governance in the college’s charter. Opposition to the plan, both on and off campus, was systematically silenced.  

This plan would be an incalculable loss for Vermont, economically, culturally and historically. 

The current Board of Trustees and President have an established track record of ineffective stewardship and should not be permitted to go forward with these two major decisions that will effectively end the institution. 

[Insert Name:]

[Insert Town and State of residence]

[Insert Connection to Marlboro College or Community Member or Concerned Citizen] “

Not sure where you stand on the issue?

What about accreditation? Isn’t there a demographic problem and not enough money? Don’t students and faculty support the “merger” with Emerson College? Get your questions answered here

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