Guiding Words from Tom Ragle

So the other shoe has fallen: as expected, the AG has approved. The Marlboro we knew is gone forever. We are all in some form of mourning. Emerson is an honest institution, and I wish the best for the Institute there, but while our academic program may be largely reproducible in an urban setting, the rural setting close to nature plus the sense of community with the town meeting form of self-government, all of which helped define us, are not. Perhaps the merger had to be, but I am still not convinced.

Alumni Council Letter to Trustees

The Marlboro College Alumni Council stands with the alumni and former staff of color at Democracy Prep in their questioning of DP’s founder, Seth Andrew. Through Democracy Builders Fund, Mr. Andrew has now entered into an agreement to purchase the Marlboro College campus, which would bring this leadership style to Vermont and the Town of Marlboro.

Demand Marlboro College Remain in Vermont

With assets of at least $40M, there’s no reason to close the College, let alone to transfer those assets to Boston.  As things stand now, Marlboro College has entered into a non-binding agreement with Emerson College to gift itself to Emerson College in Boston, including its endowment of $30M and its real estate holdings valuedContinue reading “Demand Marlboro College Remain in Vermont”

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jess Cover (802) 373.4762  Group Works to Save Marlboro College from Gifting Itself to Boston’s Emerson College and Moving out of State  MARLBORO, Vt. (May 4, 2020) — As things stand now, Marlboro College in Southern Vermont has entered into a non-binding agreement to gift itself to Emerson College in Boston, including theContinue reading “For Immediate Release”

New York Times Archive

“The philosophy that guides Dr. Hendrick is easy to understand. He feels that a college can help bring a better, more democratic life to the community and thus to the nation. At Marlboro the ‘caste system’ of education–such as places the teaching staff into competing categories of ‘professor,’ ‘associate professor,’ ‘assistant professor’ and ‘instructor’ isContinue reading “New York Times Archive”