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Guiding Words from Tom Ragle

So the other shoe has fallen: as expected, the AG has approved. The Marlboro we knew is gone forever. We are all in some form of mourning. Emerson is an honest institution, and I wish the best for the Institute there, but while our academic program may be largely reproducible in an urban setting, the rural setting close to nature plus the sense of community with the town meeting form of self-government, all of which helped define us, are not. Perhaps the merger had to be, but I am still not convinced.


Alumni Council Letter to Trustees

The Marlboro College Alumni Council stands with the alumni and former staff of color at Democracy Prep in their questioning of DP’s founder, Seth Andrew. Through Democracy Builders Fund, Mr. Andrew has now entered into an agreement to purchase the Marlboro College campus, which would bring this leadership style to Vermont and the Town of Marlboro.

Our Community Reaches Out to the Attorney General

Our community started sending letters to the Vermont Attorney General last fall. This spring, more writers are taking the task to heart. Please find copies of the filings below, most recent at the top. Click on the letter writer’s name to open in your web browser. Will Wootton ’72 – March 26

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jess Cover jess.cover@junapr.com (802) 373.4762  Group Works to Save Marlboro College from Gifting Itself to Boston’s Emerson College and Moving out of State  MARLBORO, Vt. (May 4, 2020) — As things stand now, Marlboro College in Southern Vermont has entered into a non-binding agreement to gift itself to Emerson College in Boston, including theContinue reading “For Immediate Release”

Take Action

By Becca Boyden Hi friends. I have struggled, and perhaps you have as well, as to what exactly we can do to stop the Emerson Merger and keep Marlboro College here on the Hill. But, there are reasons to believe that it is not too late, so here are some suggestions for what we allContinue reading “Take Action”

Campus Listed for Sale

The Campus Working Group was convened last fall by the Board of Trustees. It’s charge was to assess what the community wished for the future of campus and to find potential buyers. It would then turn that information over to the Board of Trustees for their decision on the matter. The Committee consisted of theContinue reading “Campus Listed for Sale”

New York Times Archive

“The philosophy that guides Dr. Hendrick is easy to understand. He feels that a college can help bring a better, more democratic life to the community and thus to the nation. At Marlboro the ‘caste system’ of education–such as places the teaching staff into competing categories of ‘professor,’ ‘associate professor,’ ‘assistant professor’ and ‘instructor’ isContinue reading “New York Times Archive”

Will Wootton’s Letter to the Vermont Attorney General

March 26, 2020 T.J. DonovanAttorney GeneralState of Vermont109 State StreetMontpelier, VT 05609 Dear Sir: My name is Will Wootton, and I write to you over deep concerns I have regarding the upcoming closing of Marlboro College and the transfer to Emerson College in Boston of Marlboro’s endowed funds of some $40 million and the proceedsContinue reading “Will Wootton’s Letter to the Vermont Attorney General”

Letter to the Editor

By Amy Tudor In a March 19 Berkeley Beacon article, Emerson-Marlboro merger still on track despite growing opposition, Marlboro College President Kevin Quigley made several erroneous statements.  The President was reported to say “The [I Believe in Marlboro College] group as a whole has brought several resolutions to Marlboro College’s weekly Town Meeting, which haveContinue reading “Letter to the Editor”

Debunking Statements

The following paragraphs are designed to clarify some of the issues in dispute in the discussions of the college’s past, present, and future. They are offered from a point of view, but nonetheless with every effort to make them as accurate as possible. If you believe that facts in these statements are incorrect, by allContinue reading “Debunking Statements”

How to Downsize Marlboro College: A Retrenchment Primer

by Will Wootton I’ve been encouraged over the past few weeks to further explain what “retrenchment” means, not in higher education generally, which I tried to do, but at Marlboro specifically. I resisted because retrenchment is on the first level an exercise in financial planning. But because the original Challenge met with refusal, the institutional data were unavailable. Now, I thought I’d try to explain something of how the process works, in the form of a primer, sans financials. This is something of a challenge itself: I was introduced to the concept of retrenchment in colleges at the Harvard Seminar for New Presidents in 2006, and it took a whole day and three instructors to examine the process in relative detail.

We Believe

Hello Petitioners!  We’ve not forgotten that over 1000 of you in the extended Marlboro College community felt that a second opinion on the current proposal to merge with Emerson College was warranted.  Unfortunately, the Board of Trustees appears unmoved by our entreaties.  We have heard about the changing landscape of higher education. We are toldContinue reading “We Believe”

Open letter on Marlboro College: Working for a new future

The news of a decision to close Marlboro College came suddenly and blindsided people at the college now and in the larger community of Marlboro alumni, retired faculty and staff, and supporters of this unusual institution. It is shocking to think that the hard-won endowment and assets of Marlboro will be handed over to aContinue reading “Open letter on Marlboro College: Working for a new future”

Retrenchment, A Description

To: Marlboro College Alumni and FriendsFrom: Will WoottonRe: Retrenchment Colleagues:I’ve complied here a number of somewhat disparate papers, articles, and reports on the definition and practice of retrenchment in higher education, which can also be referred to as “down-sizing” or “right-sizing.” Some are reproduced in full, and others you will have to search on titlesContinue reading “Retrenchment, A Description”

Comments from Petitioners

The following comments were posted to support our January petition to Accept Will Wootton’s Challenge or Clearly and Publicly Reject It by Jan 15 Randy Knaggs Wilmington, VT It is a process that can benefit all regardless of which continuum you are partial to. Giving voice to a quorum of concerned and dedicated individuals benefitsContinue reading “Comments from Petitioners”

Petition to Accept Will Wootton’s Challenge or Clearly and Publicly Reject It

Amy Tudor’s petition calling for the Board of Trustees to provide a second opinion generated over 1000 signatures. View petition on change.org Full text: During the Public Comment portion of the December 14 Marlboro College Board of Trustees meeting, long-time former staff member and alumnus Will Wootton [1] issued the board a simple challenge:  “ItContinue reading “Petition to Accept Will Wootton’s Challenge or Clearly and Publicly Reject It”

Timeline of Events

The wider community was told time and again that Marlboro College campus was in no danger of imminent closure. This timeline of actions and statements was assembled by Becca Boyden, daughter of Roland Boyden who was a founding faculty member of the college, acting president, dean, and trustee. September 18, 2016 New semester brings bigContinue reading “Timeline of Events”

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